Sharing learnings from the early implementation of stepped care: 

A PHN collaborative planning workshop

On 22-23 February 2017 the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research at The University of Queensland hosted Sharing learnings from the early implementation of stepped care: A PHN collaborative planning workshop in collaboration with the Australian Government Department of Health. The aims of the workshop were to promote a common understanding of the core elements of stepped care, bring together PHN learnings based on early implementation experience, and identify priorities for future phases of this long-term reform agenda.

The workshop included a mix of keynote presentations from a small number of experts selected to provide guidance on specific aspects of stepped care. PHNs were provided with opportunities to share their learnings on implementing stepped care in their regions during formal table discussions and informal networking sessions during breaks.

The workshop program was developed with input from representatives of PHN lead sites (Brisbane North, Western Australian Primary Health Alliance, North Western Melbourne, Eastern Melbourne and Murrumbidgee) to determine priority areas of focus.

This page contains useful resources that were provided to attendees of the workshop.

Resources from workshop presentations:

UQ’s report to the Department of Health 

Video presentations by Professor Peter Bower

Professor Bower is a health services researcher and lead for the Centre for Primary Care at the University of Manchester. Professor Bower recorded three presentations to provide an overview of the UK experience with stepped care in mental health.