Student Opportunities

PUBH7026 Mental Health Across the Globe

Mental Health Across the Globe: Challenges & Opportunities is a masters level summer semester course, delivered externally through The University of Queensland. It is concerned with understanding mental health epidemiology and burden, policy, economics and current directions in mental health service reform, in Australia and abroad. This course covers a broad range of topics and areas, including a specific focus on Indigenous mental health. The course is relevant to anyone with an interest in mental health but some background knowledge of mental health will be an advantage. Semester starts in late November each year. For more information you can consult the Electronic Course Profile or contact one of the course coordinators (

PhD and Master’s Programs

Students from The University of Queensland have the opportunity to undertake their PhD and Master’s program with QCMHR’s Policy and Epidemiology Group. Find out more about the PhD program and Master’s topics.

Meet our Visiting Researchers

Emma SeevakEmma Seevak

Emma is currently a visiting researcher at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, under the supervision of Associate Professor Meredith Harris. Emma’s research involves mental health policy in Australia, specifically regarding alcohol use disorders and family caregivers for people with serious mental illness.

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Nina Schnyder

Nina is a visiting postdoctoral researcher from Switzerland at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, working with Associate Professor Meredith Harris, Professor Harvey Whiteford, and the Policy and Epidemiology Group. Nina’s research involves investigating perceived need and barriers to care for mental healthcare in the Australian population of young people aged 11-17.

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Jackee SchessJaclyn Schess

Jaclyn is a visiting researcher at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, and will be working under the supervision of Yong Yi Lee. With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University, Jackee will be focusing her research on poverty consequences of mental illness, in the area of mental health economics.

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Meet our Students

Kara JaeschkeKara Jaeschke

Kara is currently completing her PhD candidature at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, under the supervision of Professor Harvey Whiteford, Dr Fiona Charlson, Associate Professor Meredith Harris and Associate Professor Thomas Burne. Kara’s research involves modelling the global treatment coverage of depressive disorders.

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Sanam AhmadzadaSanam Ahmadzada

Sanam is currently completing her Master’s program at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, under the supervision of Dr Fiona Charlson, Head of the Mental Health and Development Group at QCMHR. Sanam’s research involves investigating mental health within the Australian Afghan communities.

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Shuichi Suetani

Shuichi Suetani

Shuichi is a community psychiatrist in Brisbane, Queensland. He has recently completed the psychiatry fellowship in February this year. He is also currently completing a PhD under the supervision of Professor John McGrath and Associate Professor James Scott, exploring the relationship between physical activity and mental disorders using epidemiological data.

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Ana Mantilla

Ana Mantilla

Ana is currently completing her PhD candidature at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, under the supervision of Professor Harvey Whiteford. Ana’s research involves developing a decision analytic modelling tool to estimate the long-term impacts of obesity policies in Australia.


Kristel Alla

Kristel has a background in political science and health promotion. She is currently working on her PhD in research translation under the supervision of Prof Harvey Whiteford, Prof Brian Head, Prof Wayne Hall and Dr Carla Meurk. Her thesis investigates the uptake of research evidence into mental health policies.

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