National Mental Health Service Planning Framework

The National Mental Health Service Planning Framework (NMHSPF) project commenced in 2011 as a commitment under the Fourth National Mental Health Plan to “develop a national service planning framework that establishes targets for the mix and level of the full range of mental health services”. The NMHSPF is a comprehensive model of the mental health services required to meet population needs, and is designed to help plan, coordinate and resource mental health services. The NMHSPF builds on state and territory expertise in population-based mental health service planning and has collated expert input from over 250 service managers and planners, public and private sector clinicians, community sector professionals, consumers, carers, technical experts and academics. The associated NMHSPF Planning Support Tool (NMHSPF-PST) allows users to estimate need and expected demand for mental health care and the level and mix of mental health services required for a given population.

Since 2016 the Policy and Epidemiology Group has led a program of work to review and refine the NMHSPF, and to train and support mental health planning staff within state and territory health departments, Primary Health Networks (PHNs), and Local Hospital Networks (LHNs) to understand and use the NMHSPF for their planning.

In 2018 the team was contracted by the Australian Government Department of Health (Department) and each state and territory health department to undertake a program of work to further develop and maintain the NMHSPF. This project commenced in March 2018 and is due to be completed in March 2021.

The program of work has included: revising the overall epidemiology; developing service modelling for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, rural populations and young adults; and scoping the feasibility of incorporating a forensic component in the NMHSPF. All these workplans have involved the UQ team working with expert panels (members of which include clinicians, academics, epidemiologists, data custodians, consumers and carers from around Australia) to gather evidence and inform modelling decisions. In this final year of the project the UQ team is developing new methodologies to enable broader consultation with a wide range of experts.

Funded by: Australian Government Department of Health and all Australian state and territory governments

Lead Investigator: Sandra Diminic

Project Team: Kate Gossip, Eryn Wright, Charlotte Woody, Imogen Page, Julie John, Zoe Rutherford, Laura Corcoran

Project materials:
Introduction to the NMHSPF AUS V2.2
NMHSPF Technical Appendices AUS V2.2
NMHSPF Care Profiles AUS V2.2
NMHSPF Service Element & Activity Descriptions AUS V2.3
NMHSPF Taxonomy - AUS V2.1

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