Social Inclusion and Recovery Research

Research Direction: Our aim is to implement in mental health services the evidence based practices that can most improve the recovery and social inclusion of people with severe and persistent mental illness. We explore how best to apply the interventions that are already known and accepted as effective, yet are not yet widely available to clients of Australian mental health services. Examples include evidence-based practices in supported employment, supported education, and supported housing. We further aim to coordinate and integrate mental health with other support services such as other departments of the state and federal governments, and NGO’s. This strategy is known to be effective when successfully implemented, but is not yet widely adopted in Australia.


Head: Geoffrey Waghorn Ph.D.

Geoff is a graduate of the University of Waikato, New Zealand (Bachelor of Social Sciences – majoring in Psychology and Philosophy). He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology (with distinction) and a PhD from The University of Queensland, in the field vocational rehabilitation of people with schizophrenia. He is Head of the Social Inclusion and Translational Research Group at QCMHR, and has an adjunct appointment as Senior Lecturer in the School of Population Health (UQ). He has worked in the field of psychiatric disabilities in several roles, as a researcher for the past ten years, previously as a clinical psychologist and rehabilitation consultant, and prior to that as a disability officer for a large Commonwealth Department. Geoff leads a program of research into the functional recovery of people with mental illness and psychiatric disabilities, with a focus on translating research evidence in to real world practice, especially in the domain of vocational rehabilitation.


Beverley Gladman (Research Officer)
Shannon Dias (Research Officer)
Annika Jonsdottir (Research Officer)
Jacquie Logan (Research Officer)
Emily Hielscher (Research Officer)


  • A multi-site randomized control trial of evidence-based supported employment in Australia. This is a study of two different implementation methods. The first of several reports is due for completion in 2012.
  • Socially-valued role functioning among people with schizophrenia. This project explores the involvement of people with schizophrenia in valued roles such as workers, students, and care givers. The report is due for completion in 2013.
  • Optimal funding models for supported employment services for people with psychiatric disabilities. This study consists of a literature review and an examination of different systems and funding methods across four countries. The main international collaborators are Gary Bond (USA) and Helen Lockett (NZ). The report is due for completion in 2013.
  • The ongoing evaluation of integrated employment services in South East Queensland. Ethics approval is being sought for an ongoing study that will first focus on reporting outcomes at Sunshine Coast integrated services, and then at other integrated SE Qld locations, over the next five years. Data have been collected for the past 3 years at one location on the Sunshine coast. Depending on data quality and ethics approval, the first report is due for completion in 2013.
  • Clinician attitudes to integrated employment services for people with psychiatric disabilities. This investigation involves developing a new measure of health professional’s attitudes to employment services. A measure is being developed and will be tested with clinical staff at the Prince Charles Hospital mental health service. The first report on the psychometric properties of the new measure is due for completion in 2013.
  • A systematic review of the international impacts of psychiatric disorders on labour force activity. The analysis of the selected papers is near complete. This report is due for completion in 2013.
  • An investigation of competitive versus non-competitive employment in the second national survey of psychosis. This investigation is being conducted with John McGrath and Sukanta Saha at QCMHR, and is due for completion in 2012.
  • The neurocognitive predictors of costs in schizophrenia rehabilitation. This investigation is being conducted with Judith Jaeger in the USA. A previously submitted report is being revised and a new analysis is being conducted. The first report is due for completion in 2013.
  • Evaluating integrated employment services in Sussex, UK in comparison to international benchmarks. This investigation is being conducted with Rhonda van Veggel of Southdown Employment services in the UK. The first report is due for completion in 2013.

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