Social Inclusion and Recovery

Led by Dr Geoffrey Waghorn, the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research’s Social Inclusion and Recovery Group is working to develop and trial the systems, measures and interventions needed to help people with severe and persistent mental illnesses to become active and included members of the wider community. A planned future direction is to identify the rehabilitation needs and priorities of people with mental illnesses who become involved in the criminal justice system.

Current projects

Enhancing employability through managed personal information

This multi-site randomised controlled trial will examine the effectiveness of a plan to manage personal information as a means to enhance employability outcomes in supported employment programs. This project is due to commence in July 2017 and is due for completion by mid-2018.

Post-release employment project

This project has investigated the role of post-release employment in preventing re-incarceration among released prisoners who are vulnerable to mental illnesses and substance abuse. The report of this investigation is currently being reviewed for possible publication in an American rehabilitation journal.


Dr Geoffrey Waghorn (Head)

Beverley Gladman (Research Officer)

Shannon Dias (Research Officer)


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