The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research’s Mental Health Systems and Services research stream conducts research to better understand current mental health service delivery, and to apply evidence to inform the planning of mental health services and system reform.

A major focus of this research stream is the technical development and user capacity building of the National Mental Health Service Planning Framework, a population mental health planning tool developed in collaboration between the Australian Government’s Department of Health and state and territory governments.

Other key areas of research include reviewing evidence-based approaches to service delivery, analysing the need for and utilisation of mental health services, real world evaluation of innovative mental health service models and programs, and applied research projects to inform mental health planning work for governments.

Current Projects

The Group is currently involved in a number of mental health research projects with the Australian Government’s Department of Health and the Queensland Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch.

As part of the National Mental Health Service Planning Framework, the Group is also working to build the capacity of end users to apply the tool for their planning. Examples of some of this work can be found here.

Other ongoing projects include the evaluation of an integrated community-based mental health service and work to understand the quality of treatment received by people with severe mental illness as part of the Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health Systems Improvement.

The team recently completed a project to understand the characteristics and role of informal carers for people with mental illness and to provide an economic valuation of their caring.

Group Members

Sandra Diminic

Diana Beere

Kate Gossip

Emily Hielscher

Imogen Page

Kevin Fjeldsoe

RECENT Publications

Journal Articles (2013-2016)

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Research reports (2013-2017)

The stream has produced a significant number of research reports for various funding agencies, many of which have not been released to the public. Only publicly available reports are provided here.

Diminic, S., Hielscher, E., Lee, Y.Y., Harris, M., Schess, J., Kealton, J., & Whiteford, H. (2017). The economic value of informal mental health caring in Australia. Prepared for Mind Australia. Technical report: Summary report:

Harris, M., Pirkis, J., Diminic, S., Baxter, A., Reavley, N., Leske, S., & Whiteford, H. (2014). Males’ help-seeking for mental health: an update. Prepared for Movember Foundation.

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