Targeted re-sequencing of chromosome 1p31.1 in the ICC cohort

In a previous linkage analysis we identified genome-wide significant support for a schizophrenia risk locus on chromosome 1p31.1 in a collection of schizophrenia families from Tamil Nadu, India. This chromosomal region contains ~ 50 brain-expressed genes, many of which are plausible candidates for psychosis. In order to identify the gene (or genes) conferring risk, we will capture and sequence all coding exons in the region, as well as all functional non-coding elements (e.g. Transcription factor binding sites, DNase peaks and other regulatory elements identified by the ENCODE project) in 600 cases and 600 controls (drawn from the ICC study above). We will use a number of gene-based statistical tests to determine if the burden of rare harmful variation in each gene is greater in cases than controls. We anticipate identifying a novel risk gene for schizophrenia.