Harvey WhitefordAlize FerrariHolly Erskine, Fiona Charlson, and Jessica Ahern are involved in a number of research projects across several different areas. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Establishing complete global epidemiological profiles of a range of mental disorders with each member of PEABOD working on a number of different disorders. As well as informing the current literature, this work informs the Global Burden of Disease Studies (2010 and 2013) by providing the necessary epidemiological inputs for the calculation of disease burden.
  • Providing technical expertise to national and international mental health epidemiological surveys and burden of disease studies such as the Australian Young Minds Matter Survey and the China-India Mental Health Alliance.
  • Reviewing and quantifying the risk factors and outcomes of mood disorders led by Alize Ferrari. This work includes the investigation of ecological risk factors such as child sexual abuse and intimate partner violence as risk factors for depression as well as mental and substance use disorders as risk factors for suicide.
  • Investigating and modelling the epidemiology and risk factors of depression and PTSD in conflict regions. Led by Fiona Charlson, this research has vital implications for the allocation of health services in countries both during and post conflict.
  • Reviewing and quantifying the outcomes of mental disorders occurring in childhood. Headed by Holly Erskine, this research will investigate a range of both health and non-health outcomes including mortality.