Policy and Epidemiology Group

The research of the Policy and Epidemiology Group (PEG) aims to determine the burden of mental disorders and how services can be implemented to reduce their impact. We conduct studies that:

  • determine the prevalence distribution and risk factors of mental disorders
  • estimate the mortality and disability from mental disorders
  • model and evaluate service system interventions for mental disorders
  • develop measures of service performance
  • analyse and inform mental health policy


Harvey_v2Head: Professor Harvey Whiteford, MBBS, MPH, PhD, FRANZCP.

Professor Harvey Whiteford is Professor of Psychiatry and Population Health, and Director of the Policy and Epidemiology  Group at QCMHR. He trained in medicine, psychiatry and health policy in Queensland and at Stanford University. Harvey has held senior clinical and administrative positions, including those of Director of Mental Health in the Queensland and Federal governments in Australia, and with the World Bank in Washington DC. His research interests are in epidemiology, mental health policy and service delivery.

A full list of Harvey’s publications is available here.



Research Streams


Harvey Whiteford

Psychiatric Epidemiology and Burden of Disease (PEABOD)
Alize Ferrari, Research Fellow
Holly Erskine, Research Fellow
Fiona Charlson, Research Fellow
Janni Leung, Research Fellow
Damian Santomauro, Research Fellow

Mental Health Policy and Services Research (MH-PASR)
Meredith Harris, Senior Research Fellow
Philip Burgess, Professor of Mental Health Services
Dan Siskind, Principal Researcher
Kevin Fjeldsoe, Research Project Manager
Elizabeth Leitch, Research Fellow
Sandra Diminic, Research Fellow
Yong Yi Lee, Research Fellow
Diana Beere, Research Fellow
Roman Scheurer, Research Scientist
Eryn Wright, Research Assistant
Emily Hielscher, Research Assistant

Mental Health Policy and Research Translation (MH-PART)
Carla Meurk, Research Fellow
Amanda Baxter, Research Fellow

PhD Students

Ed Heffernan
Sarah Fraser
Bridget Bassilios
Frances Dark
Stephen Parker
Fiona Davidson
Kristel Alla