Associate Professor James Scott

Head of the Child and Youth Mental Health Research Group

Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research






Associate Professor James Scott leads the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research’s Child and Youth Mental Health Research Group. Professor Scott is a Conjoint Associate Professor for The University of Queensland’s Centre for Clinical Research.

James is a consultant psychiatrist with the Royal Brisbane Hospital Early Psychosis Service. He is a member of the Editorial Board for the Australian New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry and PLoS One and a member Queensland Statewide Early Psychosis Advisory Group. He is Chair of the Clinical reference group for headspace at Nundah and has previously been Chair of the Queensland Branch of the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the AEIOU Research Advisory Group.

James has extensive clinical and research experience in areas of child and adolescent mental health including aggression, self harm, developmental disorders and pharmacotherapy. His research interests in early psychosis are prevention, phenomenology and treatment options.


James is currently conducting research in the following streams:

Mental illness prevention

Mental illness prevention focuses on the study of the patterns, causes and effects of mental disorders. This enables identification of factors that influence mental health problems in childhood and adolescence. Addressing these influences, such as bullying in schools (traditional and cyber bullying) and  maltreatment in childhood, is arguably the most effective way to prevent the onset of mental disorders.

James was the lead author of the chapter addressing disease control priorities to prevent mental and developmental disorders in children and adolescents written for the Disease Control Priority Project. This international report, published by the World Bank, determined the best intervention to prevent and manage mental and developmental disorders in children and adolescents, particularly in low-income countries. The recommendations are considered and implemented by governments around the world.


Neuroimmunology research studies the interplay between the nervous system and the immune system. It has become increasingly apparent that sometimes psychosis and depression arise from inflammation in the central nervous system. James’ recently completed study examined autoimmune encephalitis in patients with early psychosis. This is the first study in the world to examine all patients admitted to hospital with early psychosis for autoimmune encephalitis. Four of 113 patients initially diagnosed with psychosis were in fact found to have an autoimmune disorder which required immunotherapy rather than psychiatric care. These findings have been incorporated into the latest Australian Clinical Guidelines for the management of schizophrenia.

Cadence Trials

The Cadence Trials are a collaboration between researchers, clinicians and people living with psychosis which evaluates safe and innovative treatments for young pepole with psychosis. The treatments under investigation include novel medications and psychological therapies.


Investigating the aetiopathogenic role of autoantibodies against the M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in patients with first episode of schizophrenia. (2016–2020) NHMRC Project Grant

Prevention and Management of Youth Mental Illness. (2016–2020) NHMRC Practitioner Fellowships

Determining the best outcome measures for assessing cost-effectiveness of interventions for childhood mental disorders (NHMRC Project Grant administered by Deakin University). (2016–2018) Deakin University

Anti-neuronal antibodies in patients with treatment refractory psychotic disorders. (2016–2017) Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

Mental Health and Neuroscience Theme. (2016–2017) Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners – Metro South

Can we predict who will develop major mental disorders? A long-term study of adolescent twins (NHMRC Project Grant administered by the University of Sydney). (2014–2018) University of Sydney

N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Research. (2013–2016) Research Donation Generic

The outcomes of adolescents and young adults who experience hallucinations: A birth cohort study. (2013–2015) NHMRC Project Grant

The Bryan Youth Mental Health PhD Scholarship. (2012–2017) Research Donation Generic

Youth Mental Health Schizophrenia Initiative. (2012–2015) Research Donation Generic

A longitudinal study of autism, development and parenting in preterm infants (< 29 weeks) from 2 to 4 years. (2012–2013) Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

Recent Publications


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