Head: Professor Bryan Mowry M.B.B.S. , B.A (Hons) FRANZCP MD (Psychiatry)

Bryan is a graduate in medicine from the University of Queensland and holds a BA (Hons) degree in Philosophy from the University of Western Australia. Both clinician and researcher, he is Director of Genetics at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research and Conjoint Professor of Psychiatry at the Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland. Bryan’s primary research interest is the molecular genetics of schizophrenia, and he holds a MD degree (University of Queensland) in this field. Since 1990, he has conducted studies, with national and international collaborators, to identify susceptibility genes for this disorder. He is the recipient of grants from the Australian NHMRC and the US NIMH.


Heather Smith: Research Assistant
Cheryl Filippich: Research Assistant
Kalpana Patel: Research Assistant
Deborah Nertney: Research Assistant

Doctoral Students

Chikako Regan
Andrew Martin
Duncan McLean
Ilvana Dzafic

Associate Clinical Investigator

Dr Vasilis Mantzioris


Schizophrenia appears to cluster in families, with twin and adoption studies suggesting that genetic factors confer most of the susceptibility for the disease. The aims of this group are to identify and functionally characterise susceptibility genes for schizophrenia and related disorders using DNA and RNA from clinically diagnosed schizophrenia patients and their families. The approaches used employ a combination of clinical diagnosis, psychological testing, neuro-imaging, and molecular and statistical genetics.
The group has a special interest in the study of ethnically homogeneous populations in southern India and in Sarawak. We are also actively participating in the international Psychiatric Genetics Consortium (PGC), which is conducting genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on the largest available populations of European ethnicity. Additionally, we are involved in the continuing recruitment and analysis of the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank cohort, and a control cohort of non-affected individuals, which will be used in subsequent case control studies.

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